Scapegoat: Cory Booker's communications advisor pushed out over his own pro-Bain comments

Anne Torres, a veteran City Hall staffer and Booker’s communications director since August 2010, resigned her position Tuesday. Though she denied the resignation was tied to the mayor’s comments, three city officials with knowledge of personnel decisions said Torres was forced out and made the scapegoat for the mayor’s gaffe…

City officials told The Star-Ledger that Torres is being blamed for not properly preparing the mayor for his stint on “Meet the Press” — a show on which he has appeared several times before. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak for City Hall.

Torres, 29, a member of the Booker administration for six years, confirmed her resignation in a brief interview with The Star-Ledger on Tuesday, but gave little reason. She said only that it was the result of differences in how her position should be handled.

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