Meghan McCain is a bully

But she is also flat-out lying when she writes that they then “vomited up a series of nasty Twitter posts following their columns.” Below, I have attached all the tweets from Martel, Donovan, Rothman and Christopher about this as they occurred. While Donovan and Christopher celebrate and defend her, Rothman is simply defending his piece. The only remotely personal line was when Martel questioned Rothman’s line, “Let me be clear, conservatives who underestimate her intelligence do not get it.”

McCain would also have a hard time explaining her claim that they questioned her career and suggested she is a “problem for the Republican party.” That is, however, a nice and easy way of avoiding the specific critiques and instead, as Rothman argued, allows her to play the victim card, again. Meghan McCain has every right to be upset about the way some treat her, but that does not entitle her to simply invent controversies.

I rarely step in to the squabbles that often envelop Mediaite and its writers, but when someone with McCain’s profile decides to insult, attack, and, most importantly, totally mischaracterize my writers – and by her phrasing, me – I feel compelled to call her out for what she apparently is, a “bully,” and based on the title of her piece, a hypocrite too.