Coming soon to the Marines: "Terminator" vision?

New “aerial and terrestrial sensors” should distinguish “armed and unarmed personnel” — modified metal detectors, perhaps? — as well as spot “Homemade Explosives (HME) and narcotics precursors.” It should crunch data into sizes small enough to port over networks in low-bandwidth environments like chaotic warzones. And the databases that store all this intel should “provide question answering and semantic search capabilities to warfighters and intelligence analysts.” Siri, does that guy have an AK-47?

But perhaps the most ambitious sensing requirement contained in the blueprint would have the Marines “seeing” the world much as the Terminator does.

New sensors should identify “individuals of interest that could pose threats.” Not so far out there, theoretically speaking: The U.S. military takes a trove of biometric data from people in warzones that it uses to classify friend and foe; similar facial-recognition tech has already piqued Facebook’s interest.