Romney set to merge his campaign staff with RNC's

Mitt Romney’s top aides plan to move quickly after the primaries on Tuesday to integrate the campaign’s growing staff with the Republican National Committee, in an effort to avoid logistical stumbles that have hampered past nominees, campaign aides and committee officials said Friday…

In past years, presidential campaigns have clashed with party chairmen as some tried to seize control of the party’s political apparatus. In 2008, Senator John McCain of Arizona installed a longtime friend as the deputy chairman soon after clinching the presidential nomination.

But the McCain merger was rocky, with the campaign’s staff members expressing distrust of the committee employees who were loyalists to President George W. Bush. Operatives at the committee recalled how few of Mr. McCain’s top aides had longstanding relationships with Mr. Bush’s staff at the organization.

Aides to Mr. Romney described the integration as more of a merger than a hostile takeover, noting that the party organization is already filled with some Romney loyalists.

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