Is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz angling for a job in Obama's cabinet?

There’s been talk that the cabinet position Wasserman Schultz would be in line for would be the Secretary of Health and Human Services,which is currently under the direction of Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. C’mon, wouldn’t you all want Debbie in charge of administering government-run health care for over 300 million people? 😉

While Wasserman Schultz’s congressional campaign website is up and running, the latest news entry is from March 1, 2012- more than a month ago. Considering that Wasserman Schultz has been feverishly campaigning across the country for the President and the Democratic Party, it’s not a stretch to think that she’s in the process of making her exit from Congress.

Rumors have been circulating that Democrat State Senator Nan Rich would replace Wasserman Schultz were she to step down from Congress. Another name that has been tossed around as a potential successor to Wasserman Schultz is Rich’s daughter Laurie Rich Levinson.

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