Obama campaign wonders: Do we really want Bill Clinton on the trail?

Bringing Clinton on the campaign trail could do wonders for Obama’s appeal among disenfranchised blue-collar voters and reluctant donors, strategists say. But it could also pose risks for Obama, who could be overshadowed by the effusive former president…

“It’s a shame that President Clinton hasn’t been used by President Obama and the Obama White House on a variety of issues that he could have been helpful on,” said one Democratic strategist with knowledge of the situation. “For reasons that are not apparent, he hasn’t been very well used.”

Recent polling suggests President Obama is doing better among independent voters and in swing states than he was just a few months ago. But he continues to struggle among white working-class voters and those without college degrees…

“Clinton can certainly be helpful among some moderate voters, some ethnic groups, some for whom the biggest issue is the economy,” said Steve Rabinowitz, a former Clinton White House aide and a Democratic strategist. “For sure, he’ll play as prominent a role as the Obama campaign asks him to.”

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