Romney's perfect VP pick: Mike Huckabee

Think about it for a moment. While the two were rivals in 2008, time heals all wounds right? Huckabee would help Romney immensely with the evangelical vote, the tea party vote and those white middle class voters. It could be a perfect fit not to mention that Huckabee has great interpersonal communication skills, something Romney lacks. He also would fit the criteria of someone who could step in and be president. Plus, the national media has vetted him already so that takes away any surprises and new narratives about someone new to the national stage. And while the VP is traditionally put in the role of attack dog, Huckabee has a knack for attacking yet not looking vicious when he does it. It’s an artful skill that he clearly learned in the Deep South where you might criticize someone but it goes down gently (“That dress just doesn’t look good on you, bless your heart!”). You can make the argument that Huckabee is making a lot of money and is enjoying his role as a media personality. All of that is true but if Romney came calling it would be pretty hard to turn down a VP offer.