The trouble with saving Allen West's district

So there are a few problems for West here. First, the legislature is specifically prohibited from drawing a district to favor him.

Second, and more importantly, his district has to be compact, and make use of existing city, county and geographical boundaries. Go to Dave’s Redistricting site and play around with the South Florida districts. It is very, very difficult to draw a compact, purple-leaning district based in Palm Beach County that doesn’t cross city boundaries and that doesn’t also weaken Rooney in the 16th (and even that latter tactic may be impermissible, since the legislature is supposed to avoid needlessly crossing county lines).

If you don’t have time to go to Dave’s site, you can just eyeball the maps above, and note how West’s district is surrounded by dark blue precincts. Making the existing district more compact simply requires taking in some more blue territory, as well as shedding some red territory to the south. It’s a matter of geography.