"A $1 million contract at Freddie was chump change"

2. A $1 million contract at Freddie was chump change. Almost charity. Our firm, who shall remain nameless but focused on IT development and mortgage policy, ran anywhere from $50 million to $80 million annually during our heyday. If a staffer of mine came to me with a new $1 million dollar add on, and he or she was young and starting out, then I’d make a medium deal out of it. If it was one of my seasoned managers then I would wonder why he was bugging me with a job that small. And the fact that Newt had it spread over more than one year makes it even smaller.

3. It’s absolutely not inconceivable that they asked him about history. The problem is that no one is asking Newt “what kind of history”. I pretty sure that they weren’t interested in the transition of Old English to Middle English and how that effects one’s interpretation of Canterbury Tales. More likely that asked him to review the historical voting records of specific legislators and provide context on what background conversations were occurring at the time and how one would interpret their votes and seek to influence them in the future. That would be very Freddie