GOP candidates should have to pledge that they won't run third-party

There is an easy way to solve the problem, of course. Every state party or the Republican National Committee itself, in addition to what other ballot requirements may exist, should demand a written commitment that candidates will not pick up stakes and run as an independent or on another party’s ticket. If need be, state legislatures can pass “sore loser” statutes.

It’s certainly not too late in this nomination process for governors and party chairmen in states to ask candidates to make that commitment on a voluntary basis. It would certainly clarify who is trying to take the party for a ride and who will support the nominee. It’s perfectly acceptable, indeed it is the essence of a political party, that inclusion in its nominating process requires a simple agreement not to abandon the party if things don’t work out to a candidate’s liking. Frankly, it’s high time for the GOP to make sure no more candidates take advantage of the party, its voters and its nomination process.