Could a Romney/Gingrich ticket unite the GOP?

Weakness for Romney

If he does manage to win the nomination, the conservative base of the party will still not trust him. Thus Romney would spend much time trying to win them over, and maybe in the process turn off more moderate voters. Romney also has a “Mormon problem” and depending on which poll you look at, his faith would have an effect on whether some Americans feel comfortable pulling the lever for him.

Strengths for Gingrich as VP

In the general election, Newt would help rally the base while taking on the role of Romney’s attack dog against Obama. Then, after the election is won, Gingrich could be best utilized as Romney’s “Man on the Hill.” Once he and Romney agreed on a legislative agenda, Newt would sell it to the Hill and work the back rooms until passage was achieved. Additionally, Newt in the VP role could be designated as Romney’s chief lobbyist, architect, and national pitchman, helping to shape, build, brand and sell a Romney/Gingrich legacy to the people.

Weakness for Gingrich as VP

Is Gingrich the “bomb-thrower” even capable of being someone’s #2? Would Romney trust him as his VP? Would Gingrich go off the reservation and start acting like HE was president? Could Gingrich represent President Romney? All these questions must be answered if Romney chose Gingrich as his VP.