Strategists wonder: Could Obama be overexposed?

Obama’s television appearances of late might not be as frequent—or hyped — as the ones he made in 2009, when he participated in a sketch on the Colbert Report, a promo for Conon O’Brien, sat down with David Letterman and opened the West Wing doors to NBC for a behind the scenes “Inside the Obama White House” (a DVD that later sold for $19.99)

The regular appearances at that time caused even HBO’s Bill Maher to vent on his television show. “I don’t want my president to be a TV star,” he said. “You don’t have to be on television every minute of the day—you’re the president, not a rerun of ‘Law & Order. TV stars are too worried about being popular and too concerned about being renewed.”

But the countless appearances didn’t seem to work against him at the time. A New York Times/CBS News poll taken in 2009 said 58 percent (about 6 in 10 people surveyed) thought Obama was making the right amount of public appearances and speeches, while 35 percent said he is making too many public appearances and speeches to explain his proposals.