Is marriage still a significant benefit to women?

It’s hard not to watch Occupy Everywhere without thinking about Bolick’s article. Sure, the face painters and zombie-costume wearers seem to be getting the most airplay. But look a little closer and you see a lot of ordinary guys whose currency in the world has been pulled out from under them, who might be considered “unmarriageable” by women who’ve found equality just about everywhere except in a partner.

Maybe Bolick and her single friends should trot their Jimmy Choos down to the rallies and take these men out to dinner (OK, not the ones whose hardworking wives wouldn’t appreciate the gesture). As Bolick points out, the women who are coping best with the new order are those most willing to recalibrate their expectations: “Whether it’s women choosing to be with much younger men, or men choosing to be with women more financially successful than they are (or both at once).”

That won’t solve the economic crisis, but at least it’s a start. In the meantime, as someone who remained happily unmarried until the geriatric age of 39 (and, for the record, is also now happily married), let me say this: There are far worse things than being single. For instance, marrying the man you wanted to become rather than becoming who you are.