Study: White conservative men are more likely to be climate-change skeptics

To test for the trend amongst conservative white males, the researchers compared the demographic to “all other adults.” Results showed, for instance, that 29.6 percent of conservative white males believe the effects of global warming will never happen, versus 7.4 percent of other adults. In holding for “confident” conservative white males, the study showed 48.4 percent believe global warming won’t happen, versus 8.6 percent of other adults.

As a point of comparison, McCright also tested the beliefs of conservative white females. He found 14.9 percent believe the effects of global warming will never happen to 29.6 percent of their male counterparts. McCright said the finding is due more to the women’s political stance than their gender or race. The data on conservative white females was not published in the “Cool dudes” study…

The white male effect could stem from the notion that, historically, white males have faced fewer obstacles in life, said McCright. But another school of thought sees the adoption of risk tied to personal values. “It has to do with their identity as an in-group,” he said. “Something that would challenge the status quo is something [conservative white males] want to shun.”

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