Does the GOP take Cain seriously?

Rob Collins, a respected inside-the-Beltway Republican strategist — who had been tapped to manage Haley Barbour’s aborted presidential bid this year — said Cain’s showing in the polls is nothing more than a “protest vote.”

He explained that Cain’s standing is “the base saying ‘Perry, until you get your act together, we are with Herman.’ ”

Even Perry supporters say privately that they believe this is the case.

As an indication that the other campaigns have not taken Cain seriously, note that none has gone after him on just about anything. And consider that when asked in a debate last month to name a preferred running mate from the field of current Republican presidential candidates, Jon Huntsman went with Cain — but later his campaign manager, Matt David, issued a statement suggesting the campaign really doesn’t think Cain could be president…

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