Creationism wins votes -- for both parties

It’s the same scam progressive militants pulled regarding ‘stem cell research’. No Republican had objected to 40 years of ‘stem cell research’ but when Bush restricted federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research to existing lines, Republicans were supposedly ‘against stem cell research’. Generally, when a scientist uses a political term, you need to be extra-skeptical about how they are framing their data. With political pundits we already do that.

I don’t actually know any young Earth creationists or anti-science religious people, though I know a lot of religious people. I know anti-science religious people are out there, it may just be the circles I run in(1). I can go to Seattle and find more anti-science, anti-religious people (25% of kids in one Seattle school have parents who refuse to get them vaccines) than I can find anti-science religious people in Mobile.

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