Coming soon for Casey Anthony: A $1 million interview?

Veteran Hollywood communications expert Michael Levine agreed.

“She could probably get $1 million from an outlet – it could be a network or a tabloid-type magazine,” he said. “But I wouldn’t recommend she do that, because she’s such an unsympathetic figure and a known liar.”

News outlets could also face a backlash.

“Big money will be involved in the deal – millions,” said publicist and media strategist, Angie Meyer. “But those who are upset about the verdict will be upset even more if Casey is awarded a generous sum of money from networks and/or publishers for her story. It’s a disturbing trend we’ve seen trickle down throughout large cases in the past decade. Those organizations that have vilified Casey for the last few years will also be the ones to make her a millionaire.”

At least one network has already shelled out significant amounts of money for Anthony-related information.