Anthony Weiner and the rise of the 21st-century slutrepreneur

I’ve been watching Weinergate unfold and the women with whom he sexted and sexbooked crawl out of the woodwork, and I’ve been trying to think of a name for the growing number of women who are making money by selling their stories of having sex with, having sexted with, or having otherwise gotten sexual with a famous man.

Slutrepreneur, perhaps?

Surely, I mean no “slut-shaming” by this moniker. It’s not so much that these women may or may not be sexually slutty — after all, in the case of Weinergate, how truly slutty can you be when you’re limited to a direct message on Twitter? — it’s that these women are so quick to wag their tongues, share their dirty text messages, and sell their photos and stories to whatever media outlets will pay the price.

Like journalists, they are media sluts.

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