Who cares how much Newt Gingrich spent at Tiffany's?

Tiffany’s says the revolving credit is no more — and neither is there any debt. That ought to satisfy most people. But even if Gingrich had bought jewelry on credit, does that mean that he is not therefore qualified to steer the country out of debt? What has one thing got to do with another? The answer, I submit, is nothing. The greatest budget-buster of our times was George W. Bush, born rich and, by dint of his name and connections, got even richer. The president who balanced the budget was Bill Clinton, born near-poor and now rich as can be.

Gingrich’s sins are legion, and his mouth is a weapon with which he sometimes plays Russian roulette. Over the years, I have had my fun with him — god, the man amounts to The Journalist’s Full Employment Act — but in this case, he is being treated unfairly and learning that, for some, breakfast at Tiffany’s consists of humble pie.

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