The field is set and the field is strong

Though the circle of MSMers keep saying the GOP longs for another candidate, that is a Manhattan-Beltway media elite meme. The Republicans I know have picked candidates and begun raising money for their choices. They are quite satisfied with the field, except for Sarah Palin’s many fans, and many of them are content with Michele Bachmann as a substitute…

Men and women thinking seriously about running for president know what it takes to mount a competitive campaign. Pawlenty and Romney have been preparing for more than a year to make the effort, and their organizations are well developed, their budgets designed, and their research staffs and writing teams assembled and at work.

Only Palin and Texas Governor Rick Perry remain question marks, and there are good reasons for both of them to pass, including the fact that Romney and Pawlenty have launched very well designed campaigns that will not easily be pushed aside. They have both been governors, and governors know how to plan. Palin and Perry know this and know Pawlenty and Romney well. 2016 is out there and both of them would be viable candidates if President Obama rallies and hangs on.

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