Arnold's past: How bad does it get?

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger apparently went to great lengths to minimize the damage his sexual behavior could cost his career and his marriage. And, it seems, there was much to hide. A well-placed source who worked with Schwarzenegger during the filming of 1999’s End of Days told The Daily Beast that two different women on the film were talked out of filing charges against Schwarzenegger for groping them in a rough manner. Reached Tuesday night, a spokesman for Schwarzenegger declined to comment, saying he wanted to be respectful of the family’s request for privacy. A message requesting comment from Shriver’s rep wasn’t returned…

Still, some reporters did occasionally venture where others dared not tread. In 2001, Premiere Magazine published an extensive article documenting Schwarzenegger’s peccadilloes. It was a doozey. Among the most damning anecdotes: that during the shoot of Terminator II: Judgment Day, Arnold came out from his trailer one day, walked up to a woman on the crew and “put his hands inside her blouse…and proceeded to pull her breasts out of her bra.”

Another time, the magazine reported, a woman producer on one of the star’s films got a visit from her then-husband. Upon being introduced to the man, Schwarzenegger reportedly said, “Is this guy the reason why you didn’t come up to my hotel room last night and suck my cock?” Schwarzenegger “declined repeated requests from Premiere to be interviewed for this article,” the magazine reported.

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