The new number: GOP wants another $45.7 billion cut from Obama's 2012 budget request

Picking up where April’s budget agreement left off, House Republicans outlined plans Wednesday to cut another $45.7 billion from domestic spending and foreign aid next year, an 11 percent reduction designed to roll back appropriations to the levels set prior to the Democratic victories in the 2006 elections.

Labor, health and education programs, the heart of President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda, would be hardest hit — an $18.2 billion cut from 2011 levels and more than $41 billion or 23 percent from his 2012 request…

Indeed, among the dozen annual spending bills, only the Pentagon’s would grow—a $17 billion increase that brings the total to $530 billion, just $8.9 billion less than the president’s 2012 request. By comparison, the much smaller State Department and foreign aid budget is cut by $11.2 billion, a 22 percent reduction from the administration’s request.

The total cut from all Obama’s 2012 budget requests is estimated to be as high as $121.6 billion.

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