Coming soon: The return of Alan Grayson?

“If you’re looking for someone to run, to contribute to Huffington Post or to appear on MSNBC, Alan Grayson is your man,” said Graham. “He would give Republicans a lot of will to run a race.”

Kitchens argued that Grayson’s national email list would provide an invaluable fundraising base and supporter network should Grayson decide to run again – and that there was little reason not to keep it active.

“I think it’s an incredible asset for a campaign and he doesn’t want it to go away and to have to rebuild it,” Kitchens said…

Florida’s still-undrawn new congressional map might be the ultimate determinant in whether Grayson runs again. Key to Grayson’s decision, said Kitchens, will be whether Orlando picks up a new seat in redistricting. The state is gaining two seats in the current round of reapportionment.

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