From Ronald to Donald?

Not even close, said Richard V. Allen, who served as Reagan’s National Security Advisor from 1981-1982.

“I could sum up everything I would have to say about the subject by saying: ‘Donald, I knew Ronald Reagan, Ronald Reagan was one of my friend[s]. And Donald, you’re no Ronald Reagan,” Allen told The Daily Caller. (Allen was invoking a famous moment in political history when Democratic vice presidential candidate Lloyd Bentsen said a similar line about John F. Kennedy during a 1988 debate.)…

Others who knew and worked with Reagan during his years as California’s governor and in the White House laughed when they saw the Trump flyer. Some thought it was a joke.

“It’s the most audacious attempt by a potential candidate to wrap himself in Reagan’s mantle,” said Peter Hannaford, an adviser and speechwriter for Reagan. “It’s all bogus.”

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