Loughner's ex-girlfriend: Hey, maybe he's faking it

But perhaps the bit of information that will cause the biggest stir is her revelation that she doesn’t believe Loughner is mentally ill, as some in the media have begun to suggest. Instead, Figueroa believes that her ex-boyfriend is “faking” being insane in order to avoid prison time. The question, then, is whether her statement – and those of other people who profess to know Loughner – will have any impact on his trial. Additionally – contrary to other accounts of Loughner – Figueroa shared that he was extremely intelligent and argumentative, often debating with other about politics and going on long rants about “the government.” That said, Figueroa admits that, when she last saw Loughner three or four months ago, he was a “different person” than the boy she dated as a teen.

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