The Assange case: Has feminism gone too far?

Pelle Billing, a M.D. who lectures and writes on gender and men’s issues, worries that Sweden’s rape and domestic violence laws make it difficult for men to get a fair trial.

He cites a quote by the lawyer for Assange’s accusers, who went to the police for advice before deciding to file charges.

“Women who are assaulted don’t always define it as that,” said lawyer Claes Borgstrom, who is the Swedish Social Democratic Party’s spokesman on gender equality. “It’s a big problem in our society and it can be difficult to assess what has happened if you are not a lawyer.”

“So how is man supposed to know what the boundaries are if the women don’t know?” Billing asks. According to him, feminism in Sweden has stopped being about equal rights and has begun to infringe on men’s rights.