CNN contributor: If you eat pork, you’re kind of like Michael Vick

Kellerman allowed that Vick “committed a moral crime in addition to a legal crime,” but that “not nearly as many as you think” have “moral standing to point the finger at Vick.” Among those who don’t: you guessed it – those who consume pork, because they are on the “demand side” of an industry that “breeds, tortures and slaughters millions of higher life forms than dogs.”

Vick, Kellerman said, was on the “demand side” of such an industry – except, of course, that dogs are “lower life forms.” While calling pigs as a whole “higher life forms” than dogs as a whole seems an awfully broad statement (as does saying dogs, as a whole, “didn’t grow large enough to be a cheap source of protein”), he’s probably on to something in that if more meat eaters carefully considered what happens to the animals they eat…well, we might have less meat eaters.

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