Arianna Huffington: Don’t call me “left-wing”

“Well, I actually feel that it would make a huge difference to our ability to solve problems if we stopped sort of reflexively using the labels ‘left’ and ‘right,’ because right now for a position to be described as ‘left-wing,’ it’s really to marginalize and dismiss it,” Huffington said. “That’s how the mainstream media use the label and it’s being used reflexively and often completely idiotically to describe for example anyone who wants to leave Afghanistan. Immediately that position is described as ‘left-wing,’ even if it includes George Will, Pat Buchanan and Tony Blankley and the Cato Institute, etc., etc.”

Huffington then argued that the “left” was responsible for all the good that has occurred in America while the word “center” has lost some of its distinction in American politics.

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