Imagining an Al Gore presidency

Barry had tried to hold out for the top gig at the Department of Justice, but too many questions would be raised if a guy with virtually no experience somehow became attorney general. It was completely implausible. He finally gave in and dropped out of the Senate race after Gore threw in a month-long “fact-finding” trip to Spain for him and his family.

“Sorry I’m late, Mr. President,” Barry said, stepping through the door.

“Don’t worry, I had absolutely nothing to do for the past fourteen minutes,” the president growled … meaning it sarcastically, but also realizing it was true. “So what have you come up with to turn this thing around?”

Barry sighed as if he was about to share a theory that he had only half worked out in his brain. “Well, uhhh … How do you feel about … global water depletion?”

“Never heard of it. What does it mean?”

“Well … there are so many people using so much water,” Obama replied. “Maybe the globe is running out of it?”

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