Massachusetts poll: Obama 52, Romney 43

51% of Massachusetts voters have an unfavorable opinion of Romney to only 40% who view him favorably. Republicans like him for the most part (a 75/14 favorability) and independents narrowly do so as well (50/44). But for a Republican to be popular in a deep blue state requires a lot of appeal to Democrats and that Romney has little of, with only 16% seeing him positively to 76% with an unfavorable opinion. Romney is no Scott Brown as far as appeal across party lines goes.

Obama on the other hand retains a healthy level of popularity in Massachusetts, with 55% of voters approving of his job performance and 40% disapproving. Obama leads Romney 52-43 in a hypothetical match up. While that’s certainly closer than Massachusetts usually is at the Presidential level that’s still a pretty weak performance for Romney at a time when Obama is at one of the lower points of his administration. Romney has the Republicans locked up. However he leads by only 11 with independents, when Brown showed you need to win them by about 30, and he gets only 15% of Democrats, when Brown showed you need to get at least around 20%. At this point it doesn’t look like Romney would be a serious threat to Obama.

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