“I saw it on television and I was thinking ‘why is this man being released?’”

Dr Mohler, a senior oncologist and chair of a nationwide organisation that provides official advice on prostate cancer care, said: “I am not at all surprised that he appears alive and well today almost 14 months later”

He said he has treated more than 2,000 cases over the past 23 years and read clinical studies that evaluated thousands more patients with similar conditions

“There’s no conceivable way a cancer specialist or anyone familiar with the treatment of prostate cancer could have given Mr al-Megrahi a three-month survival prognosis,” he continued.

“A patient with prostate cancer with an accurate three-month prognosis would have to be almost bedridden but Dr Fraser’s final medical report said that Mr al-Megrahi’s cancer did not restrict or remove his ability to carry out any particular task.

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