The men of the GOP establishment need to grow up

Most people watching Karl Rove’s initial reaction to Christine O’Donnell’s unexpected win in Delaware for the Republican Senate nomination could have easily compared him to a toddler having quite the temper tantrum. Men who are supposed leaders of the national GOP have been diminished to screaming 2year-olds who didn’t get their way when their so-called mainstream candidates lost races all across the country.

It’s at the point of being largely entertaining to watch these grown men, from former presidential advisers to current U.S. senators, just melt when they don’t get their way. These are supposed to be men, the rugged gun-toting leaders of the Republican Party who fight for small government and low taxes. Oh wait, that would be leaders of the tea party movement, led in part by gun-toting Sarah Palin…

Castle is acting like a defeated dog licking his wounds — after all, he did get beaten by a conservative, a conservative woman. Ouch.

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