Surprise: Major Democratic donors shifting towards Republicans

Major political action committees and employees of the nation’s largest business empires have dramatically shifted their money to the right. A detailed analysis of 2010 campaign cycle contributions by the Houston Chronicle shows that Republicans are catching up with Senate Democrats in campaign fundraising. Donations to the Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)-led Senate Democratic Campaign Committee (DSCC) have dropped 25 percent this year alone.

“Employees of 126 businesses that had donated money to Senate Democrats in the 2008 campaign have switched all or most of their 2010 contributions to the Republicans, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission reports by the Houston Chronicle,” Stewart Powell and Yang Wang report.

Atop the list of those shifting the flow of their fortunes, the reporting duo add, include “prominent Wall Street firms… energy companies, manufacturers, lobbying operations and other groups with a monetary stake in Capitol Hill deliberations.”