Why I'm endorsing John McCain

Long before the summer of 2008, I respected the man known as the “maverick of the Senate.” From up in the Last Frontier state, I’d watched with deep admiration as he fought tirelessly against wasteful spending and corruption. I was inspired by his willingness to buck his political party – and even his president – to do what he believed was right for this country. And as the mother of a son who would soon deploy to Iraq, I took comfort in the knowledge that Sen. McCain was there to ensure our men and women in uniform had the strategy, resources and unwavering support they needed to complete their mission.

In the campaign, I got a chance to see up close the qualities I’d long admired from afar. As we traveled across the country, I got to know John McCain personally. He’s a man of faith, a man of honor and – most of all – a man of the people. He’s deeply devoted to his state; the patriotic, hard-working Arizonans who call it home; and the founding principles they hold dear.