Is the tea party movement a friend of Israel?

“Everyone I’ve met at the Tea Party movement is very pro-Israel,” he said, explaining that tea partiers are concerned that the Obama administration is “moving away from its allies around the world,” and they view Israel as “case in point.”

But Pollak also stressed that while activists he knows care about Israel and believe in being tough with Iran, the Tea Party “is not about foreign policy.”…

Jewish Democrats have seized on the rising popularity of Rep. Ron Paul, a Texas Republican, among tea partiers to warn against the movement…

Paul’s views on Israel have been a long-standing source of concern for the Jewish community. Paul is an outspoken opponent of Israeli actions and of American support for the Jewish state. He is also a polarizing figure among conservatives, with views on foreign-policy that are anathema to many on the right. Indeed, the announcement at CPAC that Paul had won the straw poll was greeted by boos.

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