A modest proposal: Guns for everyone!

Surveys indicate that gun ownership is not spread evenly across U.S. households. In fact, chances are that a substantial proportion of U.S. gun owners have more than one weapon, so it’s quite possible that fewer than 200 million Americans own those 260 million guns. That means there may be more than 100 million citizens left unprotected against their gun-owning fellow citizens.

Surely everyone can agree that this is an outrage. Moreover, it is an outrage that Congress can easily fix, without months of committee meetings, town halls or tea parties. All that is required is a bipartisan, pro-constitutional bill to extend the Second Amendment’s protection of gun ownership to all Americans, whether they like it or not.

Under such legislation — let’s call it the Gun Insurance Act of 2009 — every American would be required to buy some kind of gun. Those who cannot afford even the simplest weapon — say, those whose 2009 annual income is less than twice the federal poverty level — could be issued $500 vouchers that would be valid only at gun shops or gun shows, and would have to be used before the 2010 Census. (Just think: What a stimulus to private enterprise all these gun sales would provide, and how many new gun-selling jobs would be created!)