Levi Johnston is trash (no offense, trash)

What does his lack of regard for his own son say about him? He’s utterly poisoned his relationship with the mother of his child and her family. He’s in talks to do full frontal nudity for Playgirl. In another few years, when Bristol and Levi’s son Tripp is in school, is he going to have someone thrusting pictures from Levi’s Playgirl spread in his face? Is Tripp going to be proud of the way his father earned his 15 minutes of fame? A “man” like Levi Johnston who sees nothing wrong with putting his own child through that for his own tawdry self-aggrandizement doesn’t deserve to truly be referred to as a man…

The people who really deserve to be ashamed are the people who know better. Those are the people in the media who figure Johnston is a liar, don’t have any more respect for him than they do for something they scraped off their shoe, and yet still give him an outlet to peddle his fabrications because they hate Sarah Palin. Levi Johnston may be trash, but it’s the people who are spreading that garbage everywhere as if it’s credible who should retch every time they look at their own faces in the mirror.

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