Meet the Democrat who represents Glenn Beck

Beck’s fame is, of course, directly related to the heightened platform given to him by Fox News, and his willingness to use it to say outrageous things. Hiltzik said that he deferred to Fox News on all things related to Beck’s television show. He repeatedly said that he had nothing to do with the content of Beck’s commentary.

Some of Hiltzik’s critics failed to find that a convincing distinction.

“Lawyers sometimes have to represent mobsters,” said Green, the onetime mayoral candidate in New York and president of Air America Media. “But it’s not the same excuse when you are a public relations guy. There’s a due process that requires everyone to have a lawyer in a criminal case. There is no due process that requires a talk show host to have a flak.”

“I love Matt,” said Ken Sunshine, a Democratic activist and public relations powerbroker whom Hiltzik regards as a mentor. “I value our friendship, but I wouldn’t be caught dead representing Glenn Beck.”

Hiltzik is ever ready for counterattack. “Apparently Mark failed to mention that he sought my assistance in resolving an Air America issue,” Hiltzik said. “And that he called me repeatedly this summer soliciting contributions for his most recent campaign.”

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