Overhauling health care: What's the benefit?

Inexplicably, the facts published in the world’s top medical journals about our system continue to be ignored:

c Americans have the best survival rates from cancer and most serious diseases, and the most rapid decline in breast and prostate cancer deaths despite being hindered with severe obesity and the largest burden of smokers over 50 of any Western nation.

c Americans have the most successful, most available treatment for chronic diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

c Americans have the shortest wait times for life-changing surgeries, like cataract and hip replacements, that may not increase survival but greatly impact quality of life.

c Americans have the best access to the newest, most effective drugs.

c Americans have the quickest access to the safest, most advanced medical technologies.

c Americans have the easiest access to specialty doctors, doctors of their choice, doctors who lead the world in health care innovation, regardless of what metrics are assessed.

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