ACORN will be back

The group was cut off from some of its taxpayer dollars after conservative bloggers duped ACORN staffers into offering advice on setting up a child prostitution ring. ACORN had no defense — it was caught on tape and posted on the Web.

But ACORN is too important to Democrats and Obama in particular to allow it to wither away. Much of the taxpayer money that funds ACORN’s activism ends up benefiting Democratic interests…

Expect soon a major national publication to go in-depth on ACORN’s rehab. It’s the pattern the Obama machine follows to push his major issues and marginalize his critics.

It starts with a barrage of e-mails from local residents who coincidentally get worked up about the same thing on the same day — Rush Limbaugh is a racist, for example. Next comes op-ed pieces from left-wing opiners decrying Limbaugh’s divisiveness. Then Limbaugh’s face hits the cover of Newsweek as the personification of the right’s evil intent.

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