Obama's renewable Two-Minutes Hate

As Paul Shlichta noted in The American Thinker back in March, Orwell’s two-minute hate fests provide an uncomfortable analogue to the Obama administration’s amalgam of compulsory virtue and its inevitable concomitant: scapegoats. (Those who notice that “Goldstein” is a Jewish name might wish to ponder the Obama administration’s policies towards Israel.)

For reasons I have never completely understood, George Bush is the scapegoat-in-chief, the Emmanuel Goldstein of the piece. But there is a revolving cast of supporting scapegoats, other Enemies of the People: Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, the “mob” of citizens who dare to criticize their dear leaders in townhall meetings across the country. How the Obama administration, and the legacy media that pimps for it, loathe them!

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