Time for Team Obama to start refunding illegal campaign contributions

A POLITICO analysis of Obama’s most recent finance report showed that between the beginning of April and the end of June, the campaign sent out more than 800 refunds.

It’s not clear from the report which refunds were successfully processed, nor the motivation for every refund. POLITICO’s analysis identified at least 50 refunds totaling more than $27,000 to lobbyists, 40 refunds totaling nearly $28,000 to foreign donors and at least 13 refunds totaling nearly $115,000 to donors who gave more than the $4,600 maximum. The latter group included Robert Hormats, a Goldman Sachs director whom Obama recently nominated to be an undersecretary of state and who had his $2,300 donation returned because the campaign discovered he had already maxed out on how much he could give…

Some recipients of second-time refunds told POLITICO they never received the first checks, while others speculated they may have mistaken them for direct-mail solicitations and thrown them out. One business lobbyist who is a longtime Democrat told POLITICO he “tore up the check” Obama sent refunding a $200 contribution “because I felt it was not really fair.”

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