"King of Pop" set to reign over Billboard charts once again

In the digital realm, where the supply problem doesn’t exist, Jackson’s songs and albums swarmed the top of the constantly-updating best sellers lists in both the iTunes’ and Amazon’s online music stores. At one point on Friday in the iTunes Store, nine out of the top 10-selling albums and 40 of the top 100-selling songs were by Jackson.

The three aforementioned albums, along with Jackson’s classic studio sets “Off the Wall,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” all will likely zoom into the upper region of Billboard’s Top Pop Catalog Albums chart next week. Initial reports of Jackson’s album sales from Thursday alone indicate that one of his albums — possibly “Number Ones” — will easily fly to No. 1 on the chart next week. Last week, the set — which also was his top-selling album of the week — was at No. 20 on the Catalog chart with 4,000 sold.