Don't worry about spending: It's Hopenchange time, baby

But, hey, this breathtakingly ambitious young President is just so darn, well, ambitious . . . and so well spoken! Why worry over a few extravagances? Gosh, it’s good to see him so engaged in the country’s troubles even though they’re all George Bush’s fault.

Those who worry over the consequences of the President’s plans – anemic economic growth as private sector spending is crowded out by the government’s, runaway inflation, skyrocketing interest rates, a severely weakened dollar – be not afraid! The President has instructed his Cabinet to find an entire hundred million in savings and exhorted Congress to re-institute PAYGO. Pshew! He had me worried for a moment…

Somehow, somewhere, someday we’re going to pay for them . . . and how. Why, that’s just common sense in the bold, bright age of Obama.