White House to pro-choicers: We're pretty sure Sotomayor's pro-choice

Facing concerns about the issue from supporters rather than detractors, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Obama did not ask Sotomayor specifically about abortion rights during their interview. But Gibbs indicated that the White House is nonetheless sure she agrees with the constitutional underpinnings of Roe v. Wade, which 36 years ago provided abortion rights nationwide.

“In their discussions, they talked about the theory of constitutional interpretation, generally, including her views on unenumerated rights in the Constitution and the theory of settled law,” Gibbs said. “He left very comfortable with her interpretation of the Constitution being similar to that of his.”

In a 2007 debate during the campaign, then-candidate Obama said, “I would not appoint somebody who doesn’t believe in the right to privacy.” The Supreme Court found that the right to privacy provided a woman the choice to terminate a pregnancy in its early stages.