How can we play Scrooge when liberals are playing Santa Claus?

Conservatism’s real quandary lies in the fact that it cannot be effectively communicated in a Moveon-esque, 20-second sound clip — a medium that my Pavlovian generation flocks to without a critical thought. Liberalism is an ideology of emotion and false hope: a deadly combination. Conservatism takes some thought and deductive reasoning: a deadly knell.

For example, it’s easy to campaign on a liberal promise to provide universal health care for all. And it is next to impossible to communicate an equally effective argument against this proposal. Without losing the audience, how does one prove the (seemingly self-evident) truth that universal health care for 300 million individuals is impossible to economically sustain without massive tax increases on the middle class and medical care rationing? And if a conservative is gifted enough to keep the audience interested to this point, it is also equally important (and difficult) to provide the listener with a compelling alternative.