Specter an even bigger jerk than we thought

Later I heard a revealing story from one of his squashing-playing aides. The fitness club had replaced all the lockers, requiring members to buy new combination locks. Specter had assigned this task to the aide, but, as became clear as they started their regular game, it had completely slipped his mind. “Did you buy me a lock?” Specter asked as they stood side by side on the squash court, racquets at the ready. “Oh no, Senator, I’m so sorry, I forgot.” Specter’s eyes grew dark and hooded as he said slowly and loudly. “YOU DIDN’T BUY ME A LOCK? I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO BUY ME A FUCKING LOCK!” The aide drew back. “We can’t play today, you’re too mad,” the underling said, and left the court—and within a week, had left the senator’s employ. So it’s understandable if Specter’s defection to the Senate Democrats is beginning to take on the attributes of a classic be-careful-what-you-wish-for scenario. No wonder Republican media consultant Karen Hanretty, appearing on MSNBC last night with a couple of Democratic talking heads, couldn’t stifle a laugh as she declared: “He’s all yours. Have a great time.”