Heart-ache: No one loves Code Pink anymore

Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin sees a natural ideological and strategic connection between the economy and the war, and she argues that by maintaining relevance via the bailout debate, “it gives us a voice for the other work.”

But as the group continues to foist its trademark antics on an ever-expanding policy theater, Democrats and Republicans say it’s losing whatever allies it had.

As things stand now, both sides of Washington’s political divide seem to be returning a familiar refrain to the ladies in pink: “Get out!”…

“I don’t think the Democrats ever fully embraced Code Pink,” said Rebecca Kirszner, former communications director to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). “Code Pink was always a little more extreme than the establishment.”

Even outside Washington, other left-leaning groups have viewed the rosy ring of peaceniks with incredulity, if not contempt.