Heckuva job, Timmy

First, there was nothing they could do about those AIG bonuses. Then, there was nothing Obama could do to quell the public anger—in fact, he told us, he was angry, too. And now, there’s nothing Obama can do about the exploding federal deficit except make it bigger by passing his wacky budget. I wonder what the White House will say if the labor-backed tours of AIG executives’ homes in Fairfield, Connecticut, take a turn for the worse. What will he do if the populist rage he refused to quell or failed to tamp town turns more sinister? Will he continue to stoke the flames of class warfare? Will he continue to paint every American who realizes a degree of prosperity with the same broad brush of greed and corruption? Will he continue to place his political health ahead of the nation’s mental health?

Obama has a misplaced understanding of what it means to take responsibility for a nation’s despair and the consequences of a crisis. CNN’s Jessica Yellin summed it up well: “Each time he takes responsibility, it’s followed with a ‘but.’”