Sanford to Schwarzenegger: You know these endless bailouts aren't sustainable, right?

Q: Who are the folks in your own party who you look to as the true articulators of conservatism?

A: I think [Oklahoma Sen.] Tom [Coburn] is incredibly passionate. I think [South Carolina Sen.] Jim DeMint is doing a good job on that front. This guy [Tennessee Sen. Bob] Corker, I don’t really know that much about him but I think he did a good job on the auto bailout thing. I would say [House Minority Whip] Eric Cantor. I really don’t know him that well but he seems to be a rising star.[Indiana Rep.] Mike Pence. I mean, [Louisiana Gov.] Bobby Jindal at the governor level is doing a good job.

Q: You didn’t mention Sarah Palin.

A: You just asked for a smattering of names, I gave you a smattering of names.

Q: Do you think she’s the most popular Republican in the country right now?

A: I think so.